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Karl Stefanovic
Channel 9 Today Show

Good Citizens was part of the global team led by deft productions in the UK.

Shane of Australia joins Thomas the Tank Engine

Citizen reach

(reach figure de-duped)
At 6am on 6 April 2016, Mattel and HIT announced 13 new international engines would join Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends in a new movie, The Great Race.
Good Citizens handled the Australian announcement of 'Shane of Australia'. This was the first time an Australian engine would make an appearance.
The story was trending across all mediums including the national papers, morning TV & breakfast radio by midday of the day of launch.

Television: 11 stories / Ch 7, 9, 10 & ABC

(Inc. Today Show, Sunrise, The Project, Ch 7 & 9 news)

Radio: 38 mentions / 85 minutes talk time

(Inc. Hamish & Andy, Kyle & Jackie O, 2GB Breakfast)

Papers: 8 news stories across the country

(Inc. daily papers in every state + The Australian)

Online: 29 news stories

(Inc. Daily Mail, Huffington Post and



Within 24 hours of launch, 82 million unique users worldwide had engaged with news articles about the launch.

Google Seaview Underwater Earth Global Launch

Citizen reach

Jocelyne secured the account and headed up the PR team that launched the Catlin Seaview Survey - a joint project between Underwater Earth, Google and major sponsor Catlin Insurance.
It was big news - Google was moving into mapping the ocean floor with the help of Underwater Earth and funded by Catlin.
Internationally, within 24 hours of launch, 82 million unique users had engaged with news articles about the launch.
Over 1.4 million views of Seaview on Google were recorded in the first 24 hours.

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